The following lists the reference codes and their meanings as displayed in the reference field for each record.

AABSAustralian Association of Begonia Societies
ABAntonelli Bros. Calif 1950
ABSCatalog of Registered Cultivars
ABS-USLAmerican Begonia Society - Unidentified Species Listing
ACLAustalian Begonia Cultivar List
ADRAlfred D. Robinson Catalog , California (1867 — 1942)
AGAmerican Gardening, NY (1882 — 1890)
AGNAdes and Gish Nurseries, Encinitas, CA
ALAsmussen List from Internet
ALAAlannah‘s Greenhouses Website, 2001
ALLAllgemeine Gardenseitung, Germany (1833 — 1856)
AMAward of Merit, RHS, London
AMFAmerican Florist, Chicago (1885 — 1931)
AMGAmerican Garden and Floral Cabinet, 1887 — 1891
ASNAnnales des Sciences Naturalles, France (1859)
ASTRABS Astro Branch Website, Texas 2001 — 2009
AstroABS Astro Branch Website, Texas
ATAkira Tanaka List, Japan
AUSTBegonia Australis — Jrnl of Australian Begonia Societies
AVDAdolphe van den Heede, Belgium
BLiberty H. Bailey, New York
B, number, a, pThe Begonian, article or photograph
B&GBarclay — Griffiths
B&KB&K Tropicals, Florida
B&LBlackmore & Langdon, England
B&LWBlackmore & Langdon Website, England
B&VBlanquart & Vermeire, 1877
BABob Ammerman list
BALLBall Seed Company Catalog
BARBarnes Catalog
BBBBegonias by Bessie Buxton, 1939
BCBotanical Cabinet, England (1817 — 1833)
BCH Bob Cherry List
BCLBuxton Checklist (1957)
BCL2Buxton Checklist Supplement No. 2 (1962)
BEGBegonian (ABS Journal)
BENBenary Catalog, Germany
BGCBoscov‘s Garden Center Website
BGWThe Begonia Group Website
BHLa Belgique Horticole Jrnl des Jardins, Belgium (1851 — 1885)
BMBotanical Magazine, England (founded 1815)
BMLBrihil Maw List, England (1946)
BOWConstance Bower list
BPMKBegonias of Peninsular Malaysia, Kiew
BRBotanical Register, England (1815 — 1839)
BRBBessie R. Buxton, Mass.
BRHSBegonia Booklet by The Royal Horticultural Society
BSMrs. Bess Shippy, New York
BSHGBulletin de la Societe d‘Horticulture, Switzerland
BSPMichael Wilton List
BTLBrad Thompson List from website
BTL2Brad Thompson List from Janet Brown
BYRoy Berry, Calif
CCharles Chevalier, Belgium
CAVCaviness List , Oklahoma
CBBull Catalog , England
CGDCassel‘s Garden Dict. Of Gardening, England (1902—1908)
CLUnidentified in BCL
COLBob Cole List
CVNCloudy Valley Nursery Website, 2001
DCAlphonse de Candolle, France and Switzerland
DTDesert Tropicals
DIEGDie Gartenwelt, Germany (1893 — 1928)
DOODoorenbos, The sections of Begonia, 1998
DVD — Vista Gardens, Salem, Oregon
ECBegonias The Complete Guide, Eric Catterall, England
EKGEva Kenworthy Gray Catalog, CA (1863 — 1951)
FKarl Albert Fotsch, Germany
F&PFlorist and Pomologist, England (1862 — 1884)
FBF. Bulleri, Italy
FBAFrench Begonia Association
FCFloral Cabinet, England (1837 — 1840)
FCCFirst Class Certificate, RHS, London
FGFlora Greenhouses (Mrs. Alberta Flora)
FHJFlorist and Horticultural Jrnl, USA (1852 — 1855)
FJBFrederick J. Bedson, England
FLThe Florist, England (1840 — 1884)
FLCFloriculture Cabinet Magazine, England (1833 — 1859)
FLDS(Fl de S ?)
FLEFlorist‘s Exchange, New York (1893 — 1951)
FLGFlower Grower, NY (1914 — )
FLORFloricultural Magazine, England (1836 — 1842)
FMFloral Magazine, England (1861 — 1871)
FRMrs. Elsie Frey, CA
FSJFlores des Serres et des Jardins, France (1845 — 1855)
FWFloral World and Garden Guide, England (1858 — 1880)
G&BGanse and Bissell Catalog (1892)
GAGartenflora, Germany (1852 — 1911)
GARThe Garden, England (1872 — 1927)
GCGardener‘s Chronicle, England (1841 — 1939)
GCAGardener‘s Chronicle of America (1905 — 1919)
GFGarden and Forest, New York (1888 —1897)
GFLGoldie Frost List, California
GGGartenzietung, Germany (1882 — 1886)
GHMGreenhouse Manager (Oglevee Ltd)
GHNGolden Hills Nursery Website, CA (2001)
GIGardening Illustrated, England (1880 — 1952)
GSBGolden State Growers, California
GM1Gardener‘s Magazine, England (1875 — 1916)
GM2Gardener‘s Monthly, USA
GRGardener, Edinburgh and London (1867 — 1881)
GROVGrover Gardens, CA
GSLGreg Sytch List
GT1Gartenwelt, Germany (1897 — 1907)
GT2Gartenachonheit, Germany (1920 — 1939)
GWGlasshouse Works Website, OH (2001)
HSir William Jackson Hooker, England
HBKHumboldt, Bonpland & Kunth, France (1815 — 1825)
HEHorticulture, Boston (1904 — )
HFL‘Horticulteur Francais, Frence (1851 — 1872)
HGHamburger Garten, Germany (1845 — 1880)
HMHovel‘s Magazine, England (1835 — 1888)
HSHenri Schilpzand, Holland
HTHorticulturist, England (1846 — 1875)
HVHortus Veitchi, England 1906
IBIllustrated Bouquet, England (1857 — 1864)
IBLIrene Bird List, California 2002
IHL‘Illustration Horticole de France, Belgium
IKIndex Kewensis, England
ILIndex Londonensis, England (1929 — 1931)
IMCIvy McFarlane List
INLIrene Nuss List from Janet Brown
IRMEdgar Irmscher, Germany
JBSCJapan Begonia Society Checklist, 2001
JBS1Published in the Bulletin of the Japan Begonia Society
JBS2Published in the Bulletin of the Japan Begonia Society
JBS3Published in the Bulletin of the Japan Begonia Society
JCL John Clare List (Australia)
JGSL9/08 Jack Golding, Begoniaceae Ed. 2, Species List, Revision of Sept. 15, 2008
JHJournal of Horticulture
JHPGJrnl of Hort. And Practical Gardening, England
JKNJimKen Nursery
JNYBGJournal NY Botanical Gardens, NY (1900 — 1950)
JPJackson Perkins Catalog
JRJ. Roehrs Catalog, 1947
JRHSJournal Royal Horticultural Society, England
JSNHJournal de la Societe Nationale d‘Horticulture, France
JWASJrnl of Washington Academy of Sciences
KMrs. Helen Krauss, Pennsylvania
KBKew Bulletin, England
KBWKennys Begonias Website (England)
KENKennedy Catalog 1941
KEWIndex Kewensis
KFFrieling Catalog, Ohio
KGLKathy Goetz List
KNKnickerbocker News
KREMKnow Your Begonias by Jack Krempin, Australia
KZKartuz Catalog and Website
LBCLoddiges Botanical Cabinet, England (1817 — 1833)
LBHLa Belgique Horticole
LKL Lyla Kilpatrick List (Australia)
LLLyndon Lyon Website, New York
LLALloydia, 1950
LOGLogee Catalog and Website
LRRL.R. Russell Catalog, England
LSMrs. Louise Schwerdtfeger, CA
LSWLaury of Salisbury Website, 2001
LWLeslie Woodriff, Oregon
MDr. E.D. Merrill, Mass.
MCLMabel Corwin List, California
MDA Maurice D’Arcy List (Australia)
MGMerry Gardens Catalog
MGPMonatsschrift fur Gartnerei, Germany (1875 — 1881)
MLT2Thompson 1984 Update
MLT1Thompson Begonia Guide
MMMrs. Marie Minter, Calif
MNYBGMemoirs of NY Botanical Gardens, 1952
MSEMike Stevens Email, New Zealand
MSBMike Stevens book —Begonias”, 2002
MTMargaret Tillman, Maryland
NNicholson‘s Dict. Of Gardening, England
NHMNational Hort. Magazine, USA (1926 — 1952)
NISMrs. Julia Nisbet, Conn.
NMNeubert Magazine, Germany (1848 — 1885)
NYBGNew York Botanical Gardens (1900 — 1950)
PBLPlanet Begonia List
PDJ. Peed Catalog, England
PHWLPhilip Wright List
PLLPaul Lowe List
PWLPatrick Worley List
QBSQueensland Begonia Society
RBRoy Berry, CA
RBGRainbow Begonia Gardens
RBGERotal Botanic Garden, Scotland
RBHRobert Hamm Catalog
RBLRoss Bolwell List
RHRevue Horticole, France (1829 — 1900)
RHBRevue de L‘Horticole Belge et Etrangere, Belgium
RHSRoyal Horticultural Society
RNRaphael de Noter, France (1912 — 1923)
RVRob‘s Violets Website
SSutton & Sons, England
S&SDr. Bernice Swisher/Dr. Lyman Smith
SJHSchweidweiler Jrnl of Hort. Belgium
SWMrs. Ross Swisher, PA
SWRSWR Begonia Leaflet
SZMrs. Susie Zug, CA
T&KThibaut and Keteleer, France
T&MThompson & Morgan Seed Catalog 2001
TAWTimothy Anderson Emails, Florida
TBT. Butcher, England 1950
TBSMrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd, CA
TEDr. Thomas Everett, New York Botanical Garden
Trade Commercially introduced cultivars
TSAMPaul Tsamtsis Email
TWT. White & Son, Scotland
V&RVetterle & Reinelt, CA
VERVereecke Catalog, 1948
VPIVascular Plant Image Gallery Website
WARET.S. Ware, England
WBWorth Brown, Calif
WBFWillsmores Begonia Farm Website, Australia
WBHC-WW World Begonia Hybrid Checklist – W. Wagner
WCWhittaker Coffin, PA
WCAW. C. Atherton, MA
WCHWorld Checklist of Hybrids
WEPMrs. Elinore Wepper, CA
WGUPWochenschrift fur Gartneri, Germany
WOLWoolman‘s Tuberous Begonias, England
WWEW. W. Edgar, MA
WWWWally Wagner, OR
WYNWynne, England
YBGYahoo Begonia Group
YBGWYahoo Begonia Group
ZRudy Ziesenhenne, CA
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