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The International Database of the BEGONIACEAE
a leaf shape that is like a fibonacci sequence
A fully searchable database for all types of begonias: species, cultivars, registered hybrids and unidentified species (U numbered begonias). This site is supported by many begonia societies and their members from Australia and the USA. The database was developed by Ross Bolwell a member of both the American Begonia Society and the NSW Begonia Society Inc. Special thanks go to Mildred L. Thompson & Edward J. Thompson, Bessie Buxton, Jack Golding and Wally Wagner for their earlier work of classifying and listing begonias upon which this database is founded. This is a "wiki" style database where you can add data to update a begonia record or add a completely new begonia record. Any data you add via the wiki will be verified before any records in the database are changed.