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Using the Find FunctionThe find command is most easily used by entering one or more words. You can also construct searches using part of a word, searching for ran will also find rang, bran and orange.
    Powerful search operators can also be used to assist your search. These are:
  • =    switch off the default, and match only whole words, e.g., =ran will not match "orange"
  • @    match any one character, e.g. b@n will match "ben" and "bun"
  • #    match any one digit, e.g., 1#1 will match 101, 111 ... 191
  • *    match zero or more characters, e.g., ra*n will match "ran" and "rain"
  • \    escape the next character, e.g., \#10 will find "#10" not 010, 110, etc
  • ""    use quotes around words to match a phrase (from word start)
  • *""   use an asterisk before the first quote to match phrases (from anywhere)
  • <, ≤, ≥ or >    Less than, less than and equal, greater than and equal, or greater than, e.g., >1975 will find years greater than 1975.